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Alba Tree Services team of experienced, qualified Arborists can tackle all your pruning needs. From small fruit/orchard trees to large mature trees and everything in between. Not only do we prune trees to a high standard but we also clean up after ourselves superbly and recycle all the organic matter in to mulch


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Our Approach

Alba Tree Services are focused on solutions; before coming up with an action plan to prune trees we take in to account factors such as: species, location, maturity and customer requirements. There are many ways in which trees can be pruned to meet the needs of the owners...

Crown Thinning

Need more light in your garden? Are branches drooping too low and interfering with daily life? 
Perhaps your trees could benefit from crown thinning or lifting.

Thinning the crown involves the removal of up to approximately 20% of the branches throughout the entire canopy, without changing the shape or proportions of the trees crown. This allows increased light levels to filter through the tree.

Deadwood and Crown Cleaning

Are the trees on your property looking untidy, cluttered or full of debris?

Crown cleaning a tree safely removes any defects, such as weak branches, hung up branches or broken limbs. We highly recommend that you have your trees "crown cleaned" if there are in area of high usage below the canopy i.e: parks, schools, thoroughfares, play areas etc... Crown cleaning can also allow a better inspection of the structural integrity of the tree.

Crown Pruning

Where trees have the room to mature and reach their full potential there is rarely a need for pruning and shaping, but in the urban environment maintaining trees at a reasonable size for their location can be essential.

Crown pruning may consist of light tip pruning and shaping to maintain the current size or improve the balance and aesthetics of your tree. It can also include heavier crown reduction works to restore a canopy that has out grown its location or reduce the weight from over extended limbs.

Formative Pruning

Formative pruning is most often completed at the establishment stage of tree development. The main objective of this type of pruning is to encourage the formation of good stem and branch structure, Well planned, formative pruning of a young tree can prolong its life expectancy. This type of pruning can reduce the need for major works when the tree is older. 

What We Do

Alba Tree Services arborists provide a prompt and reliable service at all times. We operate a comprehensive 24 hour emergency service year round and pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge coupled with a realistic practical approach to all our work.

Real Client Testimonials

  • We Employed Mik After Some Recent Storm Damage On Our Property. He arrived promptly and quickly assessed the situation. Everything was cleared up and taken away without any hassle. We were really happy with the professional service and will definitely use Alba Tree Services again.

    Denise - Redwood
  • Mik, Just A Quick Email to let you know that both Di & I really appreciate the great job you did on our trees, it is very refreshing to meet someone who really does measure up!

    Frank - Christchurch
  • Two weeks ago I had Alba Tree Services prune our oak tree back from our house to allow more light in. I would highly recommend Alba Tree Services for their expert knowledge & prompt service. I found Michael a real pleasure to deal with, he was very thorough in explaining the job process with me, assuring me that pruning was the correct decision for my tree.

    Claire Parsons - Christchurch
  • Absolutely thrilled with the professional way in which our very large oak tree was felled. Mik was amazing. Cheapest quote of 6 quotes obtained. Being given the option of having some of our timber milled was a great option, not provided by any other arborists contacted. We would highly recommend Alba Tree Services. Prompt service and no damage. Result is spectacular.

    Sue & Dave Vincent - Hornby
  • Our beloved 130 y/o protected Oak tree at Kate Sheppard House split out and came crashing down. After phoning around - Mik at Alb Tree Services was first to respond and on-site within 15 mins
    the next day Mik and his team efficiently took down the remainder of the tree without causing any further damage to the surrounding trees/plants.
    I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending Alba Tree Services to anyone who needs the very best advice backed up by effective practical ability

    Julia Burbery