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We provide a wide range of mowing services, to meet any residential or commercial need. Whether it’s a small plot overgrown with dense grass or a whole paddock infested with blackberry/gorse/small trees, we’re here to help.



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We provide a wide range of mowing services, to meet any residential or commercial needs. The Green Machine specialises in heavy duty mowing/mulching around Canterbury and surrounding regions.

We mulch overgrown vegetation on lifestyle blocks, agricultural, commercial and forestry land. Our mulching machine is effective on flat ground and steep slopes of up to 60°.

Armed with a powerful 75 hp engine, The Green Machine can mulch a huge range of vegetation, including Gorse, Broom, Blackthorn, pampas (toi toi), dense scrub and even small trees with a diameter of up to 8” in diameter. This all gets mulched into wood chips that rot down and feed the soil, ready for your next phase

The Green Machine eliminates the risks to operators from fatigue, hazardous sprays, heavy machinery and tractors in dangerous situations. Operated remotely and out of harm’s way, The Green Machine can get the job done in a fraction of the time.

Deal with that overgrown space and turn it into productive land safely and efficiently, reducing fire risk and environmental impact from chemicals 

The Machine 

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Perfect for grasses, brush and trees up to 8 inches, the Green Climber LV800 is the tool you need for your tough jobs including road maintenance, light forestry, and even fire breaks. Multiple attachments allow for tree cutting, finish mowing and much more 

Unlike other remote control mowers the LV800 is equipped with a common rail turbo intercooler diesel engine with low fuel consumption and high torque, even at low rpm. Its superior engineering is illustrated in the patented system that guarantees the lubrication of the motor on extreme slopes.

Most advanced remote control mower to date is made in Italy and prides itself on superior engineering and reliability. It is easily transported on a trailer with dimensions of 1510 to 1910 mm wide (expandable track system), 2430mm long without flail and weighing around 1700kg.





Remote Controlled

Quickly cover large areas from a safe viewpoint, with all machine adjustments at your fingertips. An ergonomic design allows for comfortable all-day operation. Can operate safely at a maximum distance of 800m, with the help of an on board camera.

Expandable Track System

The unique track system on the Green Climber enables the tracks to be extended a further 400 mm to gain overall width and therefore stability on the steepest of slopes. This means the operator can adapt the mower's footprint depending on the terrain he is operating in, meaning ultimate safety and stability.

Side-shift Flail Head

The flail mower on the Green Climber has side shift, making it ideal for trimming over edges and around obstacles in tight areas. There are also a number of other attachments available to use with the quick-hitch system.

60° Slope Operation

The Green Climber is designed to operate on slopes of up to 60° in all directions - making it the safest way to mow slopes where a manned mower would be too dangerous. Ideal for mowing in roading or motorway situations where steep berms are encountered.

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We Offer A Wide Range Of Services

We care for your trees as if they were our own. Our arboricultural specialists are trained to care and be knowledgeable about their profession, we strive to deliver a first class service. You can be guaranteed that all aspects of specialised tree care carried out by Alba Tree Services will be performed with the highest degree of professional workmanship, quality, and to our customers' satisfaction every time. Alba Tree Services professional team use only the best equipment available for the job, and all work is fully insured and guaranteed for total peace of mind.

Real Client Testimonials

  • We Employed Mik After Some Recent Storm Damage On Our Property. He arrived promptly and quickly assessed the situation. Everything was cleared up and taken away without any hassle. We were really happy with the professional service and will definitely use Alba Tree Services again.

    Denise - Redwood
  • Mik, Just A Quick Email to let you know that both Di & I really appreciate the great job you did on our trees, it is very refreshing to meet someone who really does measure up!

    Frank - Christchurch
  • Two weeks ago I had Alba Tree Services prune our oak tree back from our house to allow more light in. I would highly recommend Alba Tree Services for their expert knowledge & prompt service. I found Michael a real pleasure to deal with, he was very thorough in explaining the job process with me, assuring me that pruning was the correct decision for my tree.

    Claire Parsons - Christchurch
  • Absolutely thrilled with the professional way in which our very large oak tree was felled. Mik was amazing. Cheapest quote of 6 quotes obtained. Being given the option of having some of our timber milled was a great option, not provided by any other arborists contacted. We would highly recommend Alba Tree Services. Prompt service and no damage. Result is spectacular.

    Sue & Dave Vincent - Hornby
  • Our beloved 130 y/o protected Oak tree at Kate Sheppard House split out and came crashing down. After phoning around - Mik at Alb Tree Services was first to respond and on-site within 15 mins
    the next day Mik and his team efficiently took down the remainder of the tree without causing any further damage to the surrounding trees/plants.
    I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending Alba Tree Services to anyone who needs the very best advice backed up by effective practical ability

    Julia Burbery