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Felling and Dismantling

Tree Removals

Removing Trees Safely

Alba Tree Services can remove any tree large or small with minimal impact to the surroundings. We also recycle all the associated material in to woodchips, firewood or should you wish; we have the equipment to mill stems on site in to usable timber.


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Sectional Dismantling 

Unfortunately not all trees can be removed with a few well placed cuts at the base!

Sectional dismantling is the process of taking down medium to large sized trees a piece at a time. This involves using specialised equipment to access and safely work within a tree. Then if needed, the use of rigging equipment to lower debris to the ground in a controlled manner.

This process is ideal for compromised trees and those which are overhanging buildings & property or on sites which have difficult access and/or confined space.

Dismantling trees can be fraught with dangers and complications and is not a job to be undertaken by the inexperienced. It is important that tree removal is carefully planned and carried out.

Tree Felling

In a perfect situation trees can be straight felled, where they are cut down in the conventional manner from the base. this is the safest way to remove a tree. However, there are many rules and laws regarding the straight felling of trees in built up areas and near public roads & highways

Site Clearance 

Removing all the trees and shrubs from a given area possibly where a building will be constructed or a new planting scheme implemented. Alba Tree Services Ltd. are experienced in all areas of tree work, we can remove trees, shrubs and stumps and prune back retained trees where necessary.

When trees need to be removed; Alba Tree Services have a highly skilled and experienced team to carry out the work both safely and efficiently


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What We Do

Alba Tree Services arborists provide a prompt and reliable service at all times. We operate a comprehensive 24 hour emergency service year round and pride ourselves on our extensive industry knowledge coupled with a realistic practical approach to all our work.


Is my tree sick?

Does your tree display one of the signs of root decay, mushrooms growing from the base or under its canopy? Does the tree show warning signs of structural instability, cracks in the trunk or major limbs, hollow and decayed areas, or the presence of extensive dead wood?

What is crown lifting?

Crown lifting is where the lower branches are cut & thinned out, raising the branch line of the tree either to improve the look of the tree or for health & safety reasons where low branches would be a risk or for vehicle access. In NZ common practice dictates clearance for vehicles is 5 metres (~17 feet), & for pedestrians 2.5m (~8 feet). It can also bring extra sunlight to the area under the tree so to encourage new grass / plant growth. Lower branches often have to be removed to get them out of the way of traffic, keep them away from a buildings, to make signs visible that were installed too far off the ground, let in more light, open up a desirable view or create a lower trunk free of branches. This type of pruning does much less damage to a tree than reducing the canopy size. It is best done gradually over a period of years.

Are my tree maintenance dollars worthwhile?

Properly maintained trees enhance the real estate value of your home or business up to 20 percent! Many successful developers now recognize the value of large trees and have abandoned planting saplings.To increase "curb appeal," they plant three to four inch diameter trees.

Real Client Testimonials

  • We Employed Mik After Some Recent Storm Damage On Our Property. He arrived promptly and quickly assessed the situation. Everything was cleared up and taken away without any hassle. We were really happy with the professional service and will definitely use Alba Tree Services again.

    Denise - Redwood
  • Mik, Just A Quick Email to let you know that both Di & I really appreciate the great job you did on our trees, it is very refreshing to meet someone who really does measure up!

    Frank - Christchurch
  • Two weeks ago I had Alba Tree Services prune our oak tree back from our house to allow more light in. I would highly recommend Alba Tree Services for their expert knowledge & prompt service. I found Michael a real pleasure to deal with, he was very thorough in explaining the job process with me, assuring me that pruning was the correct decision for my tree.

    Claire Parsons - Christchurch
  • Absolutely thrilled with the professional way in which our very large oak tree was felled. Mik was amazing. Cheapest quote of 6 quotes obtained. Being given the option of having some of our timber milled was a great option, not provided by any other arborists contacted. We would highly recommend Alba Tree Services. Prompt service and no damage. Result is spectacular.

    Sue & Dave Vincent - Hornby
  • Our beloved 130 y/o protected Oak tree at Kate Sheppard House split out and came crashing down. After phoning around - Mik at Alb Tree Services was first to respond and on-site within 15 mins
    the next day Mik and his team efficiently took down the remainder of the tree without causing any further damage to the surrounding trees/plants.
    I have not the slightest hesitation in recommending Alba Tree Services to anyone who needs the very best advice backed up by effective practical ability

    Julia Burbery